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If you find yourself with a sink clog, you can try to clean it yourself using either a plunger or a snake. However, it’s always better to call a plumber when you can’t get the clog cleared up on your own.

You should also call a plumber if you have a foul smell coming from your kitchen drain. This is a warning sign that something has gone wrong with your plumbing system, and it’s important to fix it as soon as possible.

A foul odor may be caused by a number of different things. It could be a buildup of sewage or other waste in the pipes, a leak in the main sewage line or a broken drain.

Another reason to call a plumber when you have a foul smell is that it may indicate a serious issue with your sewer lines or your wastewater treatment plants. This isn’t a situation you want to leave to chance, as it can lead to costly repairs and even mold growth in your home.

It can also be a sign that the sewer line is corroded or has rust spots on it. If your sewage line is rusting, it’s time to hire a professional.

The gurgling sound that you hear when water is running through your sink or shower is another telltale sign of a serious problem with your plumbing. If the gurgling is loud, it’s an indication that there’s something wrong with your plumbing.

If you see any strange puddles or pools of water in your backyard, it’s also a warning sign that your drain is clogged. It’s not uncommon for a sink to become clogged and cause these puddles to form, so if you notice one forming in your yard, call the plumber right away.

Some homeowners might try to unclog their sink waste by using chemical drain cleaners, but this is a bad idea. Besides making your clog worse, these products can also damage the interior of the pipe.

You should only use drain-cleaning chemicals like bleach or baking soda when you have a small clog. They’re designed to break down the clog by causing a chemical reaction that can dislodge the debris and grease from your pipe.

A large clog can wreak havoc on your plumbing system and ruin your home’s integrity. This is why it’s best to call a plumber when you have clogs in your toilet or shower that aren’t able to be removed with a plunger or a snake.

Likewise, you should call the plumber when you have an odor in your house that’s not coming from any of your fixtures or appliances. This is often caused by a clog in your kitchen sink or your garbage disposal.

The most common culprits of a clogged kitchen in Lomita are built-up food waste, oil, grease and soap scum. If you’re aware of the types of foods you put down your drains, you can prevent a clog from happening in the first place. You can also run hot water down your sink drains every so often to loosen the debris clinging to the pipe walls.

Reasons Why Clogged Kitchen Pipes Happen and How to Prevent Them in Lomita