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When a kitchen sink isn’t draining, it can feel like a disaster. With dirty dishes in the sink and water backing up into your counter, it’s easy to want to turn to a plumber for help. But there are some simple solutions for clogged sink in Carson that you can try yourself.

Plungers are the first tool that should always be on hand when you have a problem with your sink or tub. They’re effective for removing many types of clogs, and they’re cheap and available at most hardware stores and home centers.

Hot water can sometimes drive a clog out. However, you should not pour a lot of boiling water down a clogged drain. It may just push the clog back up.

Instead, you should pour a small amount of boiling water down the drain, followed by some household cleaners (like soap and baking soda). This helps break up any sticky materials in your clog, and it’s better for your pipes than adding chemical drain cleaners that can cause damage to your plumbing system.

Vinegar and baking soda work similarly to liquid drain cleaner, but they’re less harsh on your pipes. The reaction of vinegar and baking soda to hot water will create a rapid burst of carbon dioxide gas that can loosen the blockage and ease it out of your drain.

In some cases, a professional scour-jetter is the best way to clear out a clog. These machines have a powerful jet that can blast through almost any type of blockage, including clogs caused by grease, mineral deposits, or soap scum. This is a dangerous method, so only a licensed plumber should use it to unclog your drain.

A plumber’s drain snake is another useful plumbing tool for unclogging a clogged kitchen sink. It has a long coiled cable that reaches deep down into your drain. Once the cable hits the clog, you can crank it to dislodge it and pull it out of the pipe.

You can find a manual drain snake at most hardware stores or home centers, and you can rent an electric model from a rental center. Most models have a foot pedal switch, which lets you push the cable into the drain without having to hold your hands down in the pipe.

Wire hangers are an effective tool for breaking up clogs caused by hair or other small pieces of debris in the pipes. To use it, simply straighten out a hanger and insert its hook into your clogged drain.

If you don’t have a wire hanger, a plastic drain snake will also do the trick. You can buy them at hardware and home improvement stores, or you can make your own with a length of wire and a small hook. Just be sure that the hook catches all of the gunk in the drain so that you can unclog it effectively.

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