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Clogged toilets can cause a lot of trouble and frustration. Some clogs can be cleared with just a plunger, while other clogs require professional plumbing assistance. Knowing the causes of a clogged toilet in Downey can help you determine the best way to clean up the clog.

One of the main causes of a clogged toilet is the use of non-flushable items. Most people are unaware of the fact that objects like floss, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes and paper towels are not meant to be flushed down a toilet. This can make a clog much worse. Having a clogged toilet can cause other problems, too, such as broken drains or damaged sewer lines.

Another common cause of a clogged toilet is too much toilet paper. If you are using too much toilet paper, consider disposing of it in the trashcan. You can also try double flushing your toilet. This will minimize the amount of toilet paper that you flush. In addition, you should never use more than 12 pieces of toilet paper at a time.

Other common clog-causing items include dental floss, feminine hygiene products, toys, and baby wipes. If you are experiencing a clogged toilet in Downey, you should call a plumber immediately.

Toilets are built to deal with human waste, so only things meant to be flushed down the toilet should go down. Paper towels, dental floss, and feminine hygiene products do not dissolve in the water and can clog the drain.

Sewer line clogs can be a serious problem that can lead to drainage issues in your entire home. Luckily, most clogs can be easily resolved with a simple plunger or by calling a plumber. However, some sewer line clogs are more difficult to tackle.

Tree roots, in particular, can form large blockages under the foundation of your home. These can be extremely costly to repair. If you notice any signs of tree root growth, you should hire a professional rooter service technician to clear your sewer line.

To prevent a clog, it is important to educate your children about what items they should not flush down the toilet. You should have a garbage bin in every bathroom. It should be covered, so your family can easily dispose of any trash. Children should be reminded of the purpose of a toilet, and should not be allowed to flush toys or other items down the toilet.

Many homeowners have been misinformed about what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet. This can be a major hazard for young children. They can be confused about what to do with the toilet, and can even flush their toys down the drain.

Whether you are experiencing a clog in your toilet or your sewer line, it is vital that you seek a plumber’s help. A professional can assess your toilet and sewer lines, and can use an auger or a plumbing snake to remove any clogs. Depending on the clog, you may need to replace your toilet or repair your sewer line.

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