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Clogged toilets are a common problem. While there are many causes, there are some key items to consider when it comes to solving the problem. Whether you have a home with a single person or a houseful of people, having a clogged toilet can be a pain.

One of the most obvious ways to solve a clogged toilet in East Los Angeles is to have a professional service plumber take a look at it. This can involve a number of different methods, including a camera inspection of the sewer line and a flushout of the entire system. However, some clogged toilets can be unclogged on their own. The best way to avoid this problem is to identify the major causes of clogged toilets before the problem gets out of hand. If you have a single-person home, this is the perfect opportunity to make changes in your household habits.

Toilets are an underappreciated piece of home hardware. Despite regular maintenance and upkeep, most are unable to break down waste effectively. You can help prevent clogs from occurring by changing your cleaning routines, ensuring your trashcans are in good working order, and removing items from the bathroom that are not toilet paper.

Among the most obvious signs of a clogged toilet is a slow drain. This can be caused by a backed up drain, or by the vacuum effect that occurs when a clogged toilet drains its contents. Another symptom of a clogged toilet is gurgling sounds. These are usually due to an obstruction in the toilet trap, or by a foreign object that has gotten stuck in the drain pipe.

A clogged toilet may also be the result of an overflowing bowl. This is a very bad situation, especially if you have young children. Children may be curious about their bathroom and may try to flush items such as toys down the toilet, which can easily get caught in the pipes. In addition, some older toilets are unable to effectively break down waste, which is one reason you should invest in a new flushing system.

Other things to consider when dealing with a clogged toilet are the correct use of toilet tissue and the use of the appropriate tools. For example, you should only use toilet paper that has at least a 1-ply thickness. Instead of putting toilet paper in the toilet, you should put it in a separate trashcan. To avoid clogging your plumbing system, you should consider installing a water softener. Softening your water can reduce the high mineral content in your water and lessen the risk of a clogged toilet in East Los Angeles.

Another useful toilets item is the clog-proof toilet paper roll. Some homeowners prefer to use 2-ply toilet paper, as it is less likely to cause a clog. But this type of paper doesn’t break down as quickly as standard toilet paper.

The other big bathroom item to keep in mind is the toilet plunger. It is designed to unclog drains and tubs, but it can also be used to clear a clogged toilet.

5 Signs You Have a Clogged Toilet in East Los Angeles