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A clogged toilet in Long Beach is a plumbing emergency that should be fixed right away. It’s a major waste of water and can pose a health risk to your family and your home.

Professional plumbers can help fix a clogged toilet quickly and effectively, so you can get back to enjoying your home. They know all the right tools and techniques to perform the job right and will arrive at your home or business prepared with everything they need.

The Importance of Professional Plumbing Services

There are many reasons why a clogged toilet can be a sign that you need professional plumbing services to repair the problem, including:

Your pipes and drains need frequent maintenance to keep them working properly. This prevents them from clogging and breaking, which in turn reduces the need for repairs to be made down the line.

Older pipes can be more prone to clogs and pipe breakages, as they can degrade over time due to exposure to the elements. If you have an older system, consider having it inspected and repaired by a licensed plumber to ensure your pipes are in good shape.

One of the biggest causes of toilet clogs is improper disposal, especially of disposable items like diapers, paper towels, menstrual pads, napkins, and hair. These things may seem harmless, but they can easily clog your pipes and create plumbing issues down the line.

Having a trash can in each bathroom is a great way to remind your family of the proper disposal of these items, and it’s also an excellent way to prevent clogs. However, sometimes a random item, such as a Lego block, gets dropped in the toilet and then clogs the pipe.

If you discover a piece of Lego in your toilet and it’s not flushed, try using a plumber’s snake or auger to unclog the pipe. Then, try flushing the toilet again to see if that helps clear the issue.

A plumber’s snake can be a fairly inexpensive tool to use to try to unclog the pipe, and they are often sold at most hardware stores. They’re made to push deep into the pipes to help break up any blockage, and they can be quite effective at removing a blockage.

If your toilet keeps clogging even after plunging or draining, there is a serious problem with your sewer line. This is a big problem that needs to be addressed by a licensed plumber as soon as possible to avoid serious damage and other plumbing issues down the line.

You can also tell if you have a sewer line clog if the toilet has sewage flowing out of it, which is an indication that the drain is blocked and you need to call a plumber for repair.

Another big indicator that you need to call a licensed plumber is when your toilet gurgles after you flush it. This indicates that a blockage is close to the toilet’s entrance and you should try to unclog it by plunging or extracting with an auger or snake.

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