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If you’ve ever had a clogged toilet, you know how frustrating it can be. And while it’s easy to feel frantic when it’s stuck, there are several ways you can unclog that stubborn toilet without calling in a plumber.

Start with the easiest, most straightforward way to fix a clogged toilet: plunging.

To plunge the clog, you’ll need a plunger (or one of those old-fashioned egg crate things). Just push the mouth of the plunger firmly against the bottom of the toilet to create a seal, then plunge and pull in a rhythmic pumping motion to make it work its magic. It might take a few dozen plunges to dislodge the clog, but if you’re persistent, it will soon work its way through.

Another simple, natural clog-dissolving solution is baking soda and vinegar. Pour about a cup of each into the clogged toilet and allow it to work for a few minutes before flushing it down.

You can also try putting some household bleach in the bowl to help break down the waste. The procedure is similar to using dish soap, but household bleach can be more effective at breaking down odor-causing residue.

Other natural clog-dissolving solutions include rock salt and hot water. These are not recommended if you’ve got a porcelain toilet, as the boiling water can crack that surface.

A wire coat hanger is another handy clog-dissolving tool, but be careful not to damage the toilet bowl or plumbing. If you’re worried about damaging the porcelain, wrap the end of the wire hanger in a plastic bag before you insert it into the drain to prevent it from scratching the ceramic surface.

If you don’t have a coat hanger, a drain snake can work in a pinch. But this is only a good option for clogs further down the drain. If the clog is closer to the top of the pipe, you can use this to pry the obstruction loose, but you’ll need a drain auger or plunger for deeper clogs.

For a more advanced solution, you can also rent or buy a wet/dry vacuum. This shop vacuum can be used to clear the clog in your toilet, but you’ll need to empty the bowl first and wrap the hose in an old rag to create a seal before sticking it down the drain.

You’ll want to put on rubber gloves before you do this. The nozzle on these vacuums is extremely powerful, so be sure to wear them while working with this tool.

Another alternative is to purchase a plumber’s snake. This is an incredibly effective and handy tool for cleaning drains and other plumbing-related tasks. However, the best approach is to avoid this method if possible by keeping all extraneous items away from your pipes.

The main reason that a clogged toilet in Lomita is so difficult to unclog is because of the way it’s designed. This curved-shaped pipe creates a seal between your sewer gas and your home, preventing the waste from spilling back up your drains and onto your floor.

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