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Clogged drains are a nightmare to deal with. They don’t just impede water flow, they can also cause expensive damage to your home and even pose health risks. It’s understandable why homeowners are tempted to try to fix their drain problems themselves, but it isn’t always the best idea.

  1. Never Snake Your Own Pipes: If you aren’t trained to use the tools needed for sewer jetting, it can be dangerous to snake your own drains. You can push the clog deeper and make the problem worse. You can also cause pipes to snap or crack, which will require costly repairs and replacements in the future.
  2. Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Not the Solution: You might think that a store-bought drain cleaner will solve your clogged drain, but this isn’t the case. In fact, the harsh chemicals in drain cleaners can damage your pipes and shorten their lifespan. They can also cause respiratory irritations and chemical burns if you inhale the fumes.
  3. Liquid Drain Cleaners Can Easily Do More Damage than Good: Many homeowners are under the impression that drain cleaners are a quick and easy way to unclog their drains. They can be used to dissolve clogs in sink and tub drains, but they can also be applied directly to the sewer line. Trying to use a chemical drain cleaner on your own isn’t just bad for your plumbing; it can be incredibly dangerous to do so as well. You might end up putting your life and the health of your family at risk while doing so.
  4. Doing It Yourself Can Be More Expensive Than Using a Professional Plumber: You might be tempted to save money by doing your own drain cleaning, but this can be a dangerous mistake. Trying to snake your own drains or use store-bought chemical cleaners can be more expensive than hiring a professional plumber and can lead to long-term damage to your plumbing.
  5. Having Your Drains Cleaned Regularly Can Help You Avoid Serious Plumbing Mishaps: A clogged drain can quickly become an emergency, especially when you aren’t able to get it sorted in time. This can mean having to pay for a plumbing repair or a whole new pipe installed, which is an expense that many homeowners find extremely frustrating.
  6. If you don’t have your drains cleaned regularly, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. This can result in unpleasant odors, especially if they have been backed up for a long time.
  7. A Professional Plumbing Company Can Use High-Grade Equipment to Clean Your Drains. Whether you have a toilet, shower or sink, your pipes are designed for specific jobs and don’t handle every situation in the same way. They can become clogged with soap, food, grease and other substances that need to be handled by an expert.
  8. Having your drains cleaned regularly can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to keep your drain cleaning in Northwest San Pedro, call the experts at Rebmann. Our certified technicians are fully trained and equipped to tackle any type of drainage issue. Contact us today to learn more about our drain cleaning services!

How to Maintain Clear Drains and Avoid Costly Clogs in Northwest San Pedro

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