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When it works properly, we do not think of what a house’s drainage system is constructed from, as well as we never question exactly how a sink functions even if we utilize it daily. So you need to be able to recognize and also situate parts very swiftly when it’s not working. Now is the moment to learn more about your drain system, not when your sink has actually stopped working and splashed unclean water around your restroom or kitchen area flooring.

We usually see them only as “the drainpipe pipes,” to be technically proper, the system is called the DWV system. The phrase represents Drain-Waste-Vent as well as suggests that this network of pipes is designed to drain pipes wastewater as well as serves as an air flow system that enables fresh air to go into the drain system.

These are the components to find out about your drainpipe system in your sinks:

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