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If you have a house or a property, you probably worry about the safety of the foundation and plumbing system. You want to avoid expensive and time-consuming repairs that may be necessary if something goes wrong.

A slab leak is one of the most serious problems a home can face because it occurs under the concrete foundation. It is difficult to detect and it can cause significant damage if left unchecked.

Keeping an eye out for telltale signs you need a slab leak detection is vital to protecting your home and keeping the cost of repairs low. Early detection can help minimize costly damages to your property, such as mold and mildew growth and damage to floors, walls, and other components of the structure.

1. A Spot of Warm Water Under the Floor

One of the first signs that you might have a slab leak is a spot of hot water under the floor. This is because hot water corrodes pipes, which means it will be able to seep through the floor and erode the underlying concrete. The hot water can also transfer heat into the flooring and atmosphere, causing the area to get warmer than it should.

2. A Drop in Water Pressure

Another sign that you have a slab leak is when your water pressure suddenly drops when no one is using the taps. This happens because the pipes beneath the home are leaking. This causes less water to travel to the faucets and fixtures, which means that your water bill will rise.

3. Wet Spots Under the Floor

If your water bill has increased dramatically and you haven’t changed anything in your routine, you might need a slab leak detection. You can also look outside the exterior of your home for telltale signs such as standing water or moss.

4. A Smell of Mildew or Mold

The odor of mildew and mold is another indication that you need a slab leak detection. This is because the moisture that oozes through a leak can cause mildew to grow in the carpeting, under the floorboards, and even on your drywall.

5. A Change in Floorboards and Walls

If you notice that your floorboards are bending or cracking, this might be the result of a leak in the foundation. This can lead to severe sagging and cracking, which can cause the whole house to lose structural integrity.

6. Increased Water Bills

If your water bill suddenly increases, it might be because you have a slab leak and are losing gallons of water every day. A water bill is a great indicator that there is a leak, as it can show you exactly how much water your home uses.

7. Floating Moisture

If there is an unusual amount of floating moisture on your property, this could be the result of a slab leak. The water can saturate your soil and create a moist environment for the plants and other landscaping.

It can also cause mold and mildew to grow in the areas that are flooded by the water. These spores are unhealthy, and can spread throughout the home if they don’t get treated quickly. If you notice these signs, you can contact a professional to take care of them.

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