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There are times when a homeowner is able to take care of minor plumbing problems with a little bit of DIY know-how. However, there are other types of plumbing issues that may be more difficult to handle on your own or even detect at all!

Slab leaks can be a nightmare, especially when you think about the damage they can do to your home and foundation. They can cause serious water damage and costly repairs if they aren’t detected quickly and repaired as soon as possible.

You might not be able to see a slab leak with your naked eye, but you should be aware of some potential warning signs that indicate that there might be one underneath your Northwest San Pedro home. Below are a few of them:

Running Water When Taps Are Off: If you hear the sound of water running after all your taps are shut off, it might be a sign that there’s a slab leak underneath your home. To ensure this doesn’t happen, schedule slab leak detection services with Plumberland Plumber Wilmington to determine what the problem is and have it fixed as soon as possible.

Warm Spots On Your Floor: If you notice hot spots on your floors that aren’t caused by the heat from a gas or electric stove, there might be a slab leak under your Northwest San Pedro home’s foundation. This isn’t a normal occurrence, but it’s a clear sign that there’s a leak beneath your home.

Your Water Meter Spinning Constantly: If the dial on your water meter is constantly spinning, this is a sign that there’s a cold or hot water slab leak under your Northwest San Pedro home. To check, you can open the lid of your water meter box and examine the dial. If it’s spinning very quickly, you have a slab leak.

Increasing Water Bill: A sudden increase in your monthly water bill can be a good sign that you’re using more water than usual. You might be using more water to keep your home comfortable or you might have a leak that’s causing the water to go through faster than it should.

Musty Odor: If you start smelling musty odors in your Northwest San Pedro home, this might be an indication that there’s a leak somewhere under your home’s foundation. Slab leaks can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, so they’re often a big indicator that you need to call a plumber as soon as possible.

Damp or Wet Carpets: When a slab leak develops, it can create an environment that’s perfect for mold and mildew growth. This can lead to significant damage to your home’s flooring and drywall.

Inspect All Your Fixtures: This may seem obvious, but if there are any leaks in your plumbing system, it’s a good idea to make sure everything is intact. This includes faucets, toilets, water heaters, and other fixtures throughout your home.

The Dangers of Mold Growth From Undetected Slab Leaks in Northwest San Pedro